Drafinsub’s Nigerian Local Content Plan

In other to plainly stipulate our company’s resolved objective in the development of Nigerian oil and gas sector of the economy, we have integrated policies of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act of 2010 into our Nigerian Projects.

The following are Drafinsub’s Nigeria Local Content Plans:

Drafinsub’s Research and Development Plan

Evolution is a constant work of improvement, without stops, a path to follow.

Our know-how comes from long term experience and a continuous enrichment of skills, inside and outside of the water. Like the engineering ones, that represents a significant step forward in our history. A history that might be represented as a nautilus structure, a mollusc with extraordinary bathymetric performances, exactly like our company, able to operate from shallow water to offshore deep water areas as leaders in our field.

Underwater works evolves, and will only take an organization that understands the art of research and development on the work to maintain leadership in underwater technology. Drafinsub, in pursuance of the Federal Government Local Content initiatives, on research and development plan which is not unrelated to our organization’s mission that is based on careful research and total quality: which is the only safe way to integrate human resources and ensure complete customer satisfaction. In view of this, we have developed an in country “on the work” Research and development plan.

In the Research and development plan on the work, is the establishment of:

Commercial Diving school

  • Our trainees will be qualified and certified under EN15618-1 regulations and procedures which certifies under WPS EN ISO15609-1 regulation.
  • A state of the art training facility for modern pipe welding, pipe fitting, sandblasting, Underwater surveyors etc. Nigerian Indigenous trained Welders to be certified in accordance with API 1104 regulations and EN-ISO 15618-1
  • Nigeria has some significant gaps in skilled man power for some modern marine technological activities. The gap we intend to bridge in our current offshore construction ventures in the country. Our goal is to set up a mechanism that will continue to produce high class indigenous marine technicians that will substitute the expatriates that has dominated Africa blue economy for years.

Drafinsub’s Technology Transfer Plan

As a leader in offshore and onshore construction works, we recently
entered into partnership with a Nigerian indigenous offshore services
and construction company (Nec Technical Systems Limited) with the aim of
expanding our rich technical experience in under water technology to
Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa.
In achieving the above aim, we have established a MOA with our indigenous partners.
Drafinsub is a fully registered entity in Nigeria

Key Points in our Local Content Engagement Plan

  • Drafinsub has significantly improved on its Nigeria’s shares arrangements thus, making room for 70 percent indigenous participation
  • We have detailed description of the location of in-country committed facilities & infrastructure (assets, equipment, technical office and administrative space, storage, workshop, assembly area, repair and maintenance, testing, laboratory etc) in Nigeria to support our Africa’s future services.